The Joy of Chaos

Back Alleys

Every city has them—those intimate inroads in the inner core where life is untidy and real. We hang out our laundry there, hang out with friends, take short cuts or cut a deal, get away from the grind. Sometimes sinister or a little shady, back alleys are the secrets we keep and our respite from the grandstanding everywhere else.

Using watercolours and a limited palette, the artist asks us to wonder where does the alley lead, what is happening beyond the next corner, who is at the darkened windows. This is not the straight and narrow but the meandering journey of self-discovery—the quirky turns, dead ends, and mysterious openings that create depth and dimensionality. One thing’s for certain, you never really know a city till you know its back alleys.


In her Prisms series, Sandra explores architectural motifs of the city and the figure. Images of people inhabit the cracks and corridors of the city. These two themes of people and the urban landscape complement each other and engage the imagination of the viewer on multiple levels. With each mark, the artist weaves together vibrant colour and form to create a striking tapestry of sacred essence and feeling. The end experience resonates with the viewer’s spirit, intellect and emotions.